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The Queensland Country Women’s Association

(From 1922 – )
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Established in 1922, The Queensland Country Women’s Association was declared by letters patent to be a Body Corporate on the 13th July, 1926.

It is a non-sectarian, non-party-political, non-profit lobby group and service association working in the interests of women and children in rural areas. Although ostensibly non-party-political, in practice the group has tended to bolster conservative politics and has supported traditional family roles for women. Historically, it was, however, also a progressive force in many ways, particularly in its encouragement of country women to take an active part in public affairs, and also in its lobby for and provision of services to rural areas.

Given its size and scope, it was arguably the most influential women’s organisation in Queensland in the twentieth century.


As of 2004 membership was open to all
women over 16 years of age are welcome. (Younger Set and Associate Members from birth).
Its website described its role and activities thus:
‘The role of the QCWA has been to improve education, health and welfare for, and to enrich the lives of women and children and hence the family, particularly in the isolated areas of Queensland …

QCWA activities: –

Providing training programs at live-in Summer Schools, Younger Set Leadership Schools, Rural Computer Workshops, Health and Literacy Seminars

Awarding Bursaries to primary / secondary / tertiary students

Providing crisis, disaster and emergency help

Giving assistance through the Rural Crisis Trust Fund to families in need due to prolonged drought

Special interest groups including Handcraft, Music & Drama, Public Speaking, Dressmaking, Cookery, Knitting & Crochet, Floral Art and International involvement through Country of Study

A Social Issues Fact Finding Team which continually monitors issues of concern affecting rural, regional and remote Queensland

QCWA facilities for the public include: –

Student Hostels in Brisbane and Country centres – tertiary, secondary and primary levels

Aged Care Facilities – affordable long term accommodation

Accommodation, Ruth Fairfax House, Brisbane – close to hospitals for Patient Transport Support

Holiday, Respite and Emergency Accommodation from Gold Coast to Cairns

Child Care Centres, Kindergartens, Playgrounds, waiting Mothers rooms

Hospital Haven – Tea Rooms

Halls – Restrooms

Royal Flying Doctor Service Clinic Room

The Queensland Countrywoman – QCWA publishes its own magazine “The Queensland Countrywoman” – 10 copies per year posted to every member.

QCWA’s National Involvement – affiliation with Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWA of A), with consultative status to the Australian Government of the day, but remaining autonomous.

QCWA’s International Involvement – affiliation with Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), the World’s largest organisation of rural women and home-makers, with consultative status to several United Nations humanitarian committees such as UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF. ACWW strives to improve the standard of living for all women and their families.’


Published resources

  • Book
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  • Resource Section
  • Resource

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  • Foundation Member
    • Bulcock, Emily Hemans (1877 - 1969)
  • Affiliated
    • Country Women's Association of New South Wales, Canberra Branch (1946 - )
  • Membership
    • Hockings, Jessie (1899 - 1991)
    • Rankin, Annabelle Jane Mary (1908 - 1986)
  • Member
    • Berry, Alice Miriam (1900 - 1978)
  • President
    • Berry, Alice Miriam (1900 - 1978)
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