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List of Occupations

Evans, Carolyn (1970 - ) - Academic, Dean and Lawyer
Feller, Erika - Academic, Commissioner, Diplomat, Lawyer and Public servant
Balkin, Rosalie (1950 - ) - Barrister, Director, Lawyer, Legal academic, Public servant and Solicitor
Bishop, Bronwyn Kathleen (1942 - ) - Company director, Lawyer, Parliamentarian and Solicitor
Blumer, Nooraini (1962 - ) - Civil libertarian, Director, Lawyer, Litigator and Solicitor
Couchman, Ariel (1958 - ) - Director, Feminist, Lawyer and Solicitor
L'Estrange, Noela - Academic, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Lawyer, Manager, Public education advocate and Solicitor
McClemans, Sheila Mary (1909 - 1988) - Director, Lawyer and Servicewoman
Nicholas, Rhondda - Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Pitkin, Sally - Company director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Sampson, Katherine - Board member, Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Segal, Jillian - Chairperson, Commissioner, Director, Executive, Judge's associate and Lawyer
Triggs, Gillian Doreen - Academic, Barrister, Director, Human Rights President, Lawyer, Solicitor and Teacher
Withnall, Nerolie - Board member, Chairperson, Director, Lawyer and Solicitor
Disability rights activist
Kayess, Rosemary - Academic, Advisor, Disability rights activist and Lawyer
Smith, Fiona - Barrister, Disability rights activist and Lawyer