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List of Occupations

Adam, Margarita (? - 2007) - Barrister, Editor, Indexer, Lawyer and Legal Reporter
Haxton, Naida (1941 - ) - Academic, Barrister, Editor, Lawyer and Solicitor
Atkinson, Roslyn Gay (1948 - ) - Arts administrator, Barrister, Educator, Judge, Lawyer, Solicitor and Teacher
Bolger, Irene - Lawyer, Nurse, Nurse educator and Trade unionist
Rana, Rashda - Barrister, Educator, International arbitrator, Lawyer, Mediator and Senior Counsel
Electoral campaign manager
Heenan, Joan Mary (1910 - 2002) - Electoral campaign manager and Lawyer
Electorate officer
Giddings, Larissa Tahireh (1972 - ) - Electorate officer, Lawyer and Parliamentarian
de Jong, Tania - Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Opera singer
Rakoczy, Anna (1980 - ) - Business woman, Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Solicitor
Truong, Pauline - Entrepreneur and Lawyer
Environmental lawyer
Waters, Larissa - Environmental lawyer and Lawyer
Chalmers, Millicent Anne - Environmentalist and Lawyer
Wright, Penelope (Penny) Lesley - Environmentalist, Lawyer, Mediator and Parliamentarian
Segal, Jillian - Chairperson, Commissioner, Director, Executive, Judge's associate and Lawyer