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List of Occupations

Adam, Margarita (? - 2007) - Barrister, Editor, Indexer, Lawyer and Legal Reporter
Indigenous activist
Williams, Tammy - Barrister, Human rights activist, Human rights lawyer, Indigenous activist, Lawyer and Solicitor
Indigenous legal project officer
Wallace, Gail - Indigenous legal project officer and Lawyer
Industrial officer
Kavanagh, Tricia Marie - Arbitration commissioner, Barrister, Board member, Commissioner, Industrial officer, Judge, Lawyer, Solicitor and Teacher
Kirk, Linda Jean (1967 - ) - Industrial officer, Lawyer, Parliamentarian, Solicitor and University teacher
Wong, Penny (1968 - ) - Barrister, Industrial officer, Lawyer, Parliamentarian, Senator and Solicitor
In-House Counsel
Rose, Alexandra - In-House Counsel and Lawyer
International arbitrator
Rana, Rashda - Barrister, Educator, International arbitrator, Lawyer, Mediator and Senior Counsel