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List of Occupations

Bousloff, Kira Abricossova, Artistic Director, Ballerina and Choreographer
Dunn, Lucinda, Ballerina
Bishop, Julie Isabel, Barrister, Parliamentarian and Solicitor
Bolger, Irene, Barrister and Trade unionist
Mitchell, Roma Flinders, Barrister and Governor
Scutt, Jocelynne Annette, Barrister, Feminist and Human rights activist
Fanning, Pauline, Bibliographer and Librarian
Andrews, Shirley Aldythea Marshall Seymour, Aboriginal rights activist, Biochemist, Communist, dancer and historian
Keto, Aila Inkeri, Biochemist and Environmentalist
Uhr, Marie-Louise, Biochemist and Catholic Activist
Hill, Ernestine, Biographer, Journalist and Writer
Harris, Thistle, Biologist, Botanist, Conservationist and Teacher
Darling, Barbara, Bishop and Teacher
Goldsworthy, Kay, Bishop
Board member
Knight, Beverly (1946 - ), Art dealer, Board member, Businesswoman and Sports administrator
McCarthy, Wendy (1941 - ), Board member, Company director and Feminist
Somerset, Georgie (1967 - ), Board Member, Farmer and Rural women's leader
Burbidge, Nancy Tyson (1912 - 1977), Botanist and Conservationist
Carr, Stella Grace Maisie (1912 - 1988), Botanist and Ecologist
Clarke, Adrienne (1938 - ), Academic, Botanist and Scientist
Galbraith, Jean, Botanist, Conservationist, Gardener and Writer
Harris, Thistle, Biologist, Botanist, Conservationist and Teacher
Pink, Olive (1884 - 1975), Anthropologist, Artist and Botanist
Weste, Gretna Margaret (1917 - 2006), Botanist, Mycologist and Plant Pathologist
Deveson, Anne Barbara, Broadcaster, Filmmaker and Writer
Jones, Caroline (1938 - ), Broadcaster and Journalist
Littlejohn, Emma Linda Palmer, Broadcaster, Feminist and Journalist
Pines, Stella Edith Lottie (1884 - 1968), Broadcaster, Journalist and Nurse
Pippos, Angela (1969 - ), Author, Broadcaster, Journalist and Public Speaker
Buddhist leader
Bell, Elizabeth, Buddhist leader
Byles, Marie, Buddhist leader, Conservationist and Solicitor
Watson, Giz, Builder, Environmentalist and Parliamentarian
Burns specialist
Wood, Fiona (1958 - ), Burns Specialist and Plastic Surgeon
Beasley, Mary, Businesswoman, Chief executive officer and Public servant
Best, Amelia (Millie) (1900 - 1979), Businesswoman, Community worker and Politician
Buttrose, Ita Clare (1942 - ), Author, Businesswoman and Journalist
Gribble, Diana (1942 - 2011), Businesswoman, Editor and Publisher
Johnson, Alana (1955 - ), Businesswoman, Farmer and Social worker
Knight, Beverly (1946 - ), Art dealer, Board member, Businesswoman and Sports administrator
Lyons, Elvira, Businesswoman and Social worker
Mahlab, Eve (1937 - ), Businesswoman and Lawyer
Marles, Fay Surtee (1926 - ), Businesswoman, Equal Opportunity practitioner, Social worker and University chancellor
McGowan, Catherine (Cathy), Businesswoman, Farmer, Parliamentarian and Rural women's leader
Raine, Mary Bertha, Businesswoman and Philanthropist
Schwartz, Carol, Businesswoman and Philanthropist
Thiele, Deborah (Debbie), Businesswoman, Consultant, Farmer, Political candidate and Teacher
Travers, Carmel, Businesswoman, Director, Journalist, Producer and Writer