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List of Occupations

Gibbs, Cecilia May (1877 - 1969), Cartoonist, Illustrator and Writer
Selvey, Linda Anne, Environmentalist, Immunologist and Public health advocate
Indigenous activist
Huggins, Jacqueline (Jackie) Gail (1956 - ), Historian and Indigenous activist
Indigenous educator
Henderson-Yates, Professor Lyn, Academic and Indigenous Educator
Indigenous historian
Langford Ginibi, Ruby (1934 - 2011), Aboriginal rights activist and Indigenous Historian
Indigenous writer
Riley, Sally, Director, Indigenous Writer, Media Executive and Producer
Industrial welfare worker
Hinder, Eleanor Mary, Industrial welfare worker
Inspector of Schools
Simpson, Martha (1865 - 1948), Inspector of Schools, Lecturer and Teacher
Duncan, Ada Constance, Internationalist and Welfare activist
Street, Jessie Mary Grey, Feminist and Internationalist
Sweet, Georgina, Internationalist, Philanthropist and Scientist
Islamic community leader
Abdel-Halim, Aziza, Academic and Islamic community leader