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List of Occupations

Labour movement activist
The Golding Sisters, Labour movement activist and Women's rights activist
Lee, Mary (1821 - 1909), Labour Movement Activist and Suffragist
Locke, Lilian (1869 - 1950), Labour movement activist and Suffragist
Miller, Emma (1839 - 1917), Labour movement activist and Suffragist
Phillips, Marion (1881 - 1932), Labour movement activist and Politician
Landscape architect
Gibson, Emily, Educator, Garden designer, Horticulturist, Landscape architect, Pioneer and Writer
Law clerk
Haynes, Edith Ann Mary, Law Clerk
Behrendt, Larissa, Academic, Lawyer and Writer
Bryce, Quentin, Feminist, Governor, Governor-General, Lawyer and Public servant
Chalmers, Millicent Anne, Environmentalist and Lawyer
Davis, Megan, Lawyer
Evatt, Elizabeth Andreas (1933 - ), Jurist and Lawyer
French, Valerie, Lawyer
Gillard, Julia Eileen (1961 - ), Lawyer, Parliamentarian and Prime Minister
Mahlab, Eve (1937 - ), Businesswoman and Lawyer
O'Shane, Pat, Lawyer, Magistrate, Public servant and Teacher
Pavy, Emily Dorothea, Activist, Lawyer and Social Theorist
Pung, Alice, Lawyer and Writer
Smith, Fiona, Disability rights activist and Lawyer
Tay, Alice Erh-Soon (1934 - 2004), Academic, Human rights activist and Lawyer
Wong, Penelope Ying-Yen, Lawyer and Senator
Wright, Penelope Lesley, Environmentalist, Lawyer and Parliamentarian
Lay leader
Tabart, Jill, Lay leader and Medical practitioner
de la Hunty, Shirley Barbara, Athletics coach, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Lecturer, Olympian, Teacher and Track and field athlete
Marshall, May (1902 - 1995), Lecturer and Teacher
Simpson, Martha (1865 - 1948), Inspector of Schools, Lecturer and Teacher
Stewart, Nancy (1919 - 1997), Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer and Teacher
Wauchope, Mavis (1899 - 1968), Lecturer and Teacher
Legal academic
Rubenstein, Kim (1965 - ), Legal academic and Legal practitioner
Legal practitioner
Rubenstein, Kim (1965 - ), Legal academic and Legal practitioner
Fanning, Pauline, Bibliographer and Librarian
Maddigan, Judith (Judy) Marilyn, Librarian and Parliamentarian
Cox, May (1883 - 1953), Lifesaver, Patriotic fund raiser and Swimmer
Literary critic
Webby, Elizabeth (1942 - ), Academic and Literary Critic
Literary mentor
Davis, Beatrice, Editor and Literary mentor