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List of Occupations

Jazz and blues singer
Lee, Georgia, Jazz and blues singer
Jewish community leader
Levy, Julia, Jewish community leader and Philanthropist
Porush, Bertha, Jewish community leader
Allan, Stella, Journalist
Bates, Daisy May (1859 - 1951), Anthropologist and Journalist
Bates, Nancy (1948 - ), Journalist
Buttrose, Ita Clare (1942 - ), Author, Businesswoman and Journalist
Dowse, Sara, Feminist, Journalist, Public Servant and Writer
Eldridge, Ilana Frances, Environmentalist and Journalist
Elliott, Della, Feminist, Journalist and Trade Unionist
Gordon, Florence, Journalist
Greer, Germaine (1939 - ), Academic, Feminist, Journalist and Writer
Henry, Alice, Journalist and Trade unionist
Hill, Ernestine, Biographer, Journalist and Writer
Jenner, Dorothy Hetty Fosbury, Actor, Journalist and Radio broadcaster
Jones, Caroline (1938 - ), Broadcaster and Journalist
Kostakidis, Mary (1954 - ), Journalist
Lawson, Louisa (1848 - 1920), Journalist, Suffragist and Women's rights activist
Littlejohn, Emma Linda Palmer, Broadcaster, Feminist and Journalist
Macready, Agnes, Journalist, Nurse and War Correspondent
Martin, Clare Majella, Journalist and Parliamentarian
Ogg, Margaret (1863 - 1953), Journalist, Suffragist, Temperance activist and Writer
Pines, Stella Edith Lottie (1884 - 1968), Broadcaster, Journalist and Nurse
Pippos, Angela (1969 - ), Author, Broadcaster, Journalist and Public Speaker
Summers, Anne Fairhurst, Femocrat and Journalist
Syme, Kathleen Alice, Journalist and Welfare worker
Travers, Carmel, Businesswoman, Director, Journalist, Producer and Writer
Whitlam, Margaret Elaine, Journalist and Social Worker
Young, Stella, Comedian, Disability rights activist and Journalist
Evatt, Elizabeth Andreas (1933 - ), Jurist and Lawyer